Purpose and Outlook:

At the current time, the university education is no longer to meet the demand for different specialties with a single profession in modern society. The College of Life Sciences has founded a "Bachelor program" to actively break through traditional thinking and to cater the trend of cross-field innovation in life sciences and medical research. College of Life Sciences constructs the educational objectives, i.e. “problem-based training, interdisciplinary research excellence, and career exploration development.” The College consists of three departments; Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, and Department of Biotechnology. All teachers of three departments have different specialties in biomedicine, environmental ecology, medicinal and applied chemistry, and biotechnology. Teachers offer a wide range of courses in their respective fields as well as complementary collaboration opportunities for students. The College promotes the interdisciplinary research integration of practical operation and learning resources with many institutes and collaborations.


The Bachelor Program provides diverse learning opportunities for students. The interdisciplinary program includes fundamental courses like General Chemistry and General Biology in additional to the university general courses. Moreover, the flexible and diversified mechanism of selecting courses in the university encourages students to take classes and course modules from different colleges. Practical courses such as seminars are arranged for sophomore and junior, Bachelor Thesis is for senior. Learning motivation of students is enhanced through learning by doing, doing by learning. Students advance their abilities of problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and active learning.

Career perspectives and prospects:

The College of Life Sciences actively promotes academic exchanges between universities and research institutions, and cooperates with the industry to implement integrated goal-oriented research plan. Graduates of the Bachelor Program will acquire the competitiveness in the field of Life Medicine, and being professionals in the market of biotechnology and medical industry. Graduates can choose to enter the job markets directly for instance, the southern district of Tainan Biotech Park, Pingtung agricultural biotechnology industries and Kaohsiung biotech companies, etc. High-tech parks such as Tainan Biotechnology Park, Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park, and Kaohsiung Science Parks in Luzhu and Qiaotou, where come with lots of good job opportunities and good prospects in domestic or foreign related institutions.

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